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If defined as per the FDA standards, generic medicines are just as effective and safe as their brand-name counterparts. It is a pretty cost-effective method of making substantial savings. There is practically no difference between a drug that has already been authorized and a generic drug. You can easily order generic medicine from our online website at Sildenashot.

This type of medicine consists of the same active ingredients just like their originator, i.e., non-generic drugs. However, the appearance, packaging, and name can be different in both these types of drugs. After extensive testing and research, a pharmaceutical company develops new medicines. While the patent is in effect, the non-generic medicine company has the exclusive right to manufacture and sell the non-generic brand-name medicine.It becomes possible for other manufacturers or the same company to develop and sell generic versions of non-generic medicines when patents expire.

You can Buy Generic ED Pills Online from our website. There are so many ranges available that it will be quite easy to make a purchase. For instance, Buy Cenforce 100 mg online, and you will notice changes in your symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Why Choose Generic Medicines?

There are so many reasons why many people choose generic medicines. They are cost-effective since the manufacturers do not have to fork out a fortune for their invention. Since generic drugs are made of similar components to their non-generic counterparts, it also makes them safe for consumption. At sildenashot, you will get a range of generic drugs for many different diseases such as Erectile Dysfunction, bacterial infections, and so much more.

Although both generic and non generic drugs are made of the same ingredients, we do not recommend self-medication. Instead, always make sure that you consult with your healthcare provider before you start taking generic medications for your diseases.

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