• Terms And Condition

We at Sildenashot suggest you go through our terms and conditions thoroughly before moving ahead to make a purchase.Additionally, we hold every single right to modify the portal besides its own rules and regulations at any time. Therefore, we recommend you stay updated with the content every time before making a purchase.

As a general suggestion for placing an order on Sildenashot, you must first ensure that you are confirming the dosage and prescription of the medicines and buying it as prescribed by your healthcare provider. We are solely not responsible for purchasing the wrong dose of medicines, orders, or post-ordering side effects if any.

Moreover, it totally depends on your preferences whether you want to buy medicines from the portal or not, because we do not guarantee that the medicines we sell will always work for the patients.

The prices are subject to change anytime based on the offers, discounts on our inventory and stocks, and changes in the market rate of the medicines. We are certainly not liable for drastic changes in prices.

The pictures available on the portal regarding the products are merely for reference purposes and they may differ from product to product in person.

We reserve all the rights and are not liable to cancel the customer’s order at any time without having to give prior notice to do so, due to internal emergency purposes. In case the buyer has placed the order, they will be informed through mail.

  • Utilization Of Drugs

Through our portal, we are not providing any kind of endorsement or branding of a specific company’s medicines but simply act as a vendor from which you can choose to buy or not. There are a number of brands and within each brand, the dosage and strength of the generic ingredient may vary. So, we advised the buyers to consult their physicians before purchasing any kind of medicinal product from the portal. 

Moreover, please note we do not provide any guarantee that the patient will completely recover from a certain disorder by consuming the medicines bought from Sildenashot.

  • Security Policy

At Sildenashot, we make sure that users can relish maximum anonymity and privacy while sharing personal information when buying medicines. The portal hasbuilt-in firewalls and back-end data servers to protect customers’ data. Confidentialgeneral information is never used for any sort of marketing purposes or undue selling of data and we do not intend tohold the payment information without users’ approval or consent.

  • Shipping Policy

The shipping and logistical delivery team are responsible for delivering the package to the user’s address as mentioned after making an online order.

In the event that the consignee has relocated, is untraceable, or has an invalid address, the order will be canceled and sent back to the logistics agency. In such cases, we will not issue a refund until we receive a response from the customer regarding refunding them or obtaining a new shipping address.

In cases of second shipping, the customer is liable to pay for the courier and shipping charges.

Our delivery and logistical process may be delayed due to extreme weather conditions, or even a problem with the delivery process; you should bear with us and cannot hold us responsible for the delay.

  • Custom Delay

You may encounter delays in your package when it passes through customs at the local airport or seaport. In such cases, we are not responsible for delivery delays. Customers are also responsible for paying any customs duty assessed by the customs authorities.

  • Pricing Policy

In spite of the fact that the portal does not influence the prices you see, all of the discounts and offers you see are carefully selected by the management team. For medicines shown on the portal, we do not bargain on any price. Moreover, all of the discounts and offers in prices represent the largest reduction that you can get on the purchase of the medicine.

  • Cancellation Policy

Customer can cancel their order at any time after receiving the package at their mentioned address. However, any cancellation requests must be made within 7 days from the date of delivery after the package has been delivered. You cannot hold us responsible in any way if you have broken the seal or used the product or tampered with it, so we may reject the cancellation order at our discretion.