Erectile Dysfunction

Stem Cells For Erectile Dysfunction: Treatment And Therapy

Stem Cells For Erectile Dysfunction_ Treatment And Therapy

What Are Stem Cells For Erectile Dysfunction?

ED stem cell therapy is known to be a highly successful treatment for impotence. Recently, this therapy has gained attention for its potential to restore erectile dysfunction. The main reason behind their popularity is the self-renewal property and ability to differentiate into various cell types, thereby making stem cells for erectile dysfunction an attractive alternative to treat ED issues.

What exactly are stem cells? They are the body’s raw materials, specifically cells from which all other cells with specialized functions are produced and generated. Under the right conditions in the laboratory or the human body, stem cells divide to form more cells which are called daughter cells.

There is no other cell in the body that has the ability to develop new cell types naturally. These daughter cells become new stem cells or specialized cells (differentiation) with a more specific purpose, such as blood cells, brain cells, heart muscle cells, or bone cells.

Types Of Stem Cells & Their Working

There are several sources from which stem cells originate. Let us look at the sources in a detailed manner for better understanding.

  1. Embryonic stem cells – These stem cells come from a 3 to 5 days old embryo called a blastocyst that contains 150 cells. These stem cells are called pluripotent cells that can be divided into more stem cells or become any cell in the body. The versatility of embryonic stem cells makes them ideal for regenerating or repairing damaged organs and tissues.
  2. Adult stem cells – These stem cells are found in adult tissues in small numbers, for instance, a fat tissue or bone marrow. Although when compared to embryonic stem cells, these cells have limited capability to produce various body cells.
  3. Induced pluripotent cells – The stem cells are created in the lab by converting tissue-specific cells into embryonic cells. These stem cells are the same as embryonic cells, and they have the ability and can give rise to all the different types of human cells.
  4. Mesenchymal stem cells – These are primarily composed of the connective tissues surrounding other organs and tissues, the stroma, and are called stromal cells. Mesenchymal stem cells were discovered in the bone marrow and could develop bone, fat cells, and cartilage. As they have been developed from different human body tissues, different mesenchymal stem cells are used to treat different diseases. Moreover, the attributes of these cells depend on the organ from where they come (originate).

How do stem cells work exactly? Let us answer this for you.

Often called regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy involves using stem cells or their derivatives to repair damaged, dysfunctional, or injured tissue. It uses cells instead of donor organs, which have limited supplies.

Researchers grow stem cells in a lab, manipulating these stem cells to specialize into a particular type of cell, such as heart muscle cells, blood cells, or nerve cells. Once these cells have been manipulated, they can be implanted into the human body. For example, a person with heart disease might inject the cells into their heart muscle. The healthy transplanted heart muscle cells may then contribute to the recovery of the injured heart muscle. A growing body of research shows that adult bone marrow cells guided to become heart-like cells can repair heart tissue in people, and more research is being conducted.

Stem Cells For Erectile Dysfunction – A Therapy To Treat

Can stem cells be used to cure ED? The studies and research observed improved erectile quality in erectile tissues and experimental animals. However, the studies on stem cells for ED in males still remain to be limited.

Stem cell therapy for treating erectile dysfunction makes use of the patient’s own stem cells along with growth factors to achieve a natural sensual function enhancement. It helps regenerate erectile tissues and improve erections and sensual performance. This procedure involves the extraction of stem cells from adipose (fat) tissue, the largest reservoir of stem cells, and bone marrow from the patient himself. The procedure is segmented into two parts.

  • To collect adipose-derived stem cells, liposuction is used.
  • Bone marrow is removed from the hip bone.

Clinical trials have shown that stem cells can restore enough erectile function to allow previously impotent men to engage in spontaneous copulation. Men with erectile dysfunction can gain erection capability with stem cells. Patients have been able to engage in sensual activity after regaining erectile function from stem cell therapy.

Some of the benefits of stem cell therapy for erectile dysfunction are as follows:

  1. Enhances sensation with blood circulation and helps overcome ED issues.
  2. Longevity and enhancement of erection.
  3. Helps start new blood vessel regeneration for better blood circulation.
  4. Improves better erectile function through muscles, endothelium, and nerve generation.


Autologous adipose tissue-derived stem cells have been shown to improve erectile function in patients for up to six months, even when oral medications are not used, according to a study. Although there are many oral medication alternatives available such as Buy Cenforce 100 mg or Buy Cenforce 150 mg, that you can utilize to maintain sensual life with your partner.

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