In Sildenashot’s drug policy, we disclose what we guarantee when you purchase pills from our portal, as well as what we don’t guarantee. Before purchasing medicines or placing an order from an online portal, you must thoroughly go through the drug policy because it contains essential information that might help you. Our main goal is to build rules that help our customers in their best interests.

Drug Purchase

Sildenashot offers their customers different categories of lotions, ointments, and pills with multiple pharmaceutical brands from the website all under one roof including generic drugs, prescription drugs, etc.

Below mentioned are some of the various disorders for which we offer pills directly through our website:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Female sexual dysfunction
  • Depression-curing pills
  • Wakefulness pills for curing, sleep apnea, shift work sleep disorder, narcolepsy
  • Intestinal infections
  • Psoriasis
  • Viral infections
  • Sleep-invoking pills for curing insomnia
  • Cancer
  • Eye disorders and infections
  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis

Offering Genuine Pills Online

We at Sildenashot assure you to offer an authentic range of medicines online, that is the only objective we hold and our first priority since we came into this field. We serve as adirect buying online selling agent for many pharmaceutical companies and host existing contracts. We have designed frameworks and protocols with companies for selling their medicines.

Our business does not involve the selling of duplicate pills or sales of counterfeit businesses. To check the authenticity of the pills, you may look at the distinct clear images of the medicine sachets. You may also check the label for the license number, batch numbers, etc.

Buying Medicines Based On Information

All the information and insights that you may observe on the website regarding the elaborative description of any kind of medicine have been thoroughly researched and collected from online sources based on the information available online.

We make sure to enlighten you with information that is clear, precise, and true to its information making it easy for you whenbuying pills. We still recommend you take your call after consulting thehealthcare provider before purchasing any of the medicines online from us.

Furthermore, please note that we do not hold any responsibility or guarantee to help you cure a disorder using the pills purchased online from the website. We do not promise that you would not suffer any kind of adverse effects after taking the pills, you may consult the doctor first. Because the suitability of the same brand of medicine and dosage may vary from person to person and therefore, you must consult a doctor before making a purchase.

Pricing Policy

We are a well-reputed online global portal for selling and delivering medicines and the prices for available and listed medicines are under the scope of our management. The management may change the prices or doses of pills for any brand at any time.

We do offer hefty discounts and offers to customers based on the availability of stocks that we have in our inventory and the demand for the medicines. The pricing of the medicines solely depends on the minimum benchmark price determined by the pharmaceutical manufacturing firm itself.

Availability of Brands

The availability of any medicine on the portal is subject to our existing stock and its demand. It is possible that you may not be able to find any brand or dose that you need. Depending on the existing supply levels, we may choose to discontinue any particular medicine. Simply put,if the supply of a certain medicine runs out, we may choose to make it unavailable.

With Sildenashot, you can now set an alert to be notified when it becomes available for purchase on our online website again so you don’t miss out on buying it.

Prescription Pills

At Sildenashot, most of the medicines that we deal in are prescription drugs meaning the customer cannot complete their order unless they provide a valid prescription from their respective healthcare provider.

Sildenashot does not allow any of its users to purchase from the portal in the absence of a certified doctor’s prescription. Therefore, it is mandatory and wise to consult a physician before consuming any type of medicinal product.

To complete the order process, one must upload a scanned copy of the prescription. Our expert representative team will then verify and authenticate the validity of the uploaded prescription for you to proceed further with buying transaction.