Erectile Dysfunction

Does Heavy Smoking Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Does heavy smoking causes erectile dysfunction

Smoking Causes ED: An Overview.

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence, is caused by various psychological and physical factors. Among so many causes, one of them is cigarette smoking. Since ED is often due to poor arterial blood supply to the male reproductive organ and smoking damages your blood vessels. Smoking causes erectile dysfunction in men of all ages, including younger men.

This article will discuss the link between erectile dysfunction and cigarette smoking and how they impact men’s health.

How Does Smoking Causes Erectile Dysfunction In Men?

When a person smokes cigarettes, cigars, or pipes tobacco on a daily basis, it damages his blood vessels. The damage to the blood vessels lessens the flow of arterial blood throughout his body. The key culprit in this damage is nicotine, a popular vasoconstrictor (a chemical that reduces blood flow in the body).

Thus, smoking causes impotence in men as it affects their performance during copulation. Erections in men are dependent on a range of signals from the brain and reliable blood flow through the arteries of the male organ. So yes, erectile dysfunction and smoking do have a link between them.

When a man is sexually aroused, his brain signals to the nerves in his male reproductive organ. This causes a trigger to the opening of arteries, increasing blood flow to the corpus cavernosum (the spongy tissue of the male organ that hardens and fills to form an erection).

When there is a reduction in the blood flow to the male organ from smoking or other unhealthy habits, it becomes very difficult to maintain a firm erection during physical intercourse.

So, if you are wondering, does quitting smoking help with erectile dysfunction? the answer is yes. Scientific research shows that the intensity of ED in smokers is directly related to cigarette exposure. Also, quitting smoking helps to lessen or altogether remove the symptoms of ED.

Will Quitting Smoking Help With ED? – The Statistics

As per a study conducted in 2004, smokers and ex-smokers with erectile dysfunction were examined over a year. The ex-smokers experienced a considerable reduction in their erectile dysfunction symptoms. There was an improvement in approximately 25% of the participants taking part in this study.

However, there was no improvement in the symptoms of the smokers. Every smoker suffering from ED at the beginning of the study also had it in the end. In fact, the symptoms of erectile dysfunction worsened for 6.8% of the smokers that took part in the study. The numbers were relatively less in the case of ex-smokers, at only 2.5%. So, if you are still thinking about can quitting smoking help erectile dysfunction, the answer is quite apparent.   You Can Also take These Pills buy cenforce 100mg , cenforce 200mg online.

Let us tell you about another study to prove how smoking causes erectile dysfunction in men.

In 2005, a study also found that around 12% of men who experienced ED have never smoked. This number went up to 17% who have smoked at some point. But the shocking part was that this number went up to 23% who smoked for over 29 ‘pack years’.

Can Smoking Weed Every Day Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Due to the conflicting current research, we don’t fully understand the link between ED and cannabis. While some studies show that the use of cannabis is linked to ED, some show that people who use cannabis are less likely to experience Erectile Dysfunction.

The link between erectile dysfunction and cannabis is more about the toxic chemicals present in the smoke than the cannabis itself. Many of the toxic chemicals in cigarettes are also present in cannabis.

Also, similar to cigarettes, people who smoke a lot of cannabis or who smoke more often are more likely to suffer from ED. In some way or the other, smoking causes ED or impotence in men. So, if you are wondering does quitting smoking help ED, then yes, it will relieve you from many problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. Do smokers get erectile dysfunction?

Yes, men who are regular smokers have a high chance of suffering from ED or impotence. As per a study, men who smoked 20 cigarettes daily have a 60% higher risk of suffering from ED compared to men who never touched a cigarette. 15% of the present and past smokers experienced ED. Also, men who formerly or currently smoked are 30% more likely to suffer from ED.

2. Does smoking affect sperm quality?

The presence of high levels of cadmium and lead in cigarettes influences sperm quality in men and decreases their overall fertility. Heavy smokers (who smoke more than 20 cigarettes per day) have a high level of cadmium and lead in their semen, ultimately making them infertile.

3. Does smoking affect testosterone?

The number of cigarettes smoked daily significantly increased the amount of total and free testosterone. Compared with men who never smoked, smoking causes a 15% higher total testosterone level and a 13% higher free testosterone level.

4. How long after quitting smoking will sperm improve?

A man’s sperm will come healthier as soon as he stops smoking. Sperm takes about three months to mature. Men who quit three months before conception have a higher chance of fertilizing an egg, thus creating a healthy baby.

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