Sildenashot is known to be the most reputed pharmaceutical portal with a firm objective to provide full satisfaction to all customers. The delivery of each product is ensured by 100% effort so that it reaches our users ina timely manner.We understand there are times that leave customers with no other option than to cancel the order because of external factors. Therefore, we encourage users to check out the cancellation policy for a hassle-free shopping experience.

The cancellation policy of our website is quite simplified whether a user cancels the order online or cancel the order through the helpline number, provided you mention the cancellation reason in any of the case.

Cancellation – Refund Procedure

Sildenashot follows the following process for refunding cancellation orders and requests:

  • Firstly, we check whether the cancellation order received meets the cancellation policy norms.
  • We contact the delivery logistics team to check out the order volume and ask them to proceed further.
  • Please note that we do not pay any refunds in the form of cash or drafts. The users will receive back the amount directly into their bank accounts. To proceed further for the same, the users will have to provide their bank account details for us to refund.
  • Make sure that the bank details provided to us are correct because we are not liable under any situation if the details are wrong or invalid.
  • Waiting period for the refund to reflect back into the user’s account shall be 7 working days from the day the online cancellation order request has been placed till the time we process the order request.
  • Further, if the money is not credited back to your account within 7 working days, we are not responsible, and we encourage you to visit the bank instead of contacting us.

Taxes, customs duty, and other government-imposed charges cannot be refunded by us, and we cannot be held liable for any charges levied by the government as part of your country’s tax code.No refunds are given for taxes and customs duty or any other charges imposed by the government pursuant to the taxation laws of the country or state, and you cannot also hold us responsible for these.

Applicable Situation For Cancellation Policy

The following are the circumstances where the cancellation policy would work provided that the conditions are meeting our guidelines.

  • Unavailability of stock (Out of stock):

    If the product ordered by the customer is unavailable within the stock inventory, a cancellation policy will be applicable in such cases.As part of the portal, we will try to respect your order by supplying any partial orders if they are within our capability and if the medicine is partially available.
  • Non-receipt of payment:

    Our system may automatically cancel an order if you fail to pay us after placing the order.We will send you a temporary email once you have finalized the order and a final confirmation email once we have accepted all your orders. After accepting all of your orders, the final confirmation bill will be sent to you by email. A customer is expected to pay the rewired amount using any of the online options available on the online portal.

In the event that you do not comply with the above guidelines, the system will automatically cancel the order after 24 hours.

  • Delay in order delivery:

    Customers may sometimes feel that the delivery process is too long and that our courier and logistics service delivery time management is not satisfactory. You can cancel the order at any time during the transit process. In certain circumstances, we may not refund you in full and deduct any fees, such as customs duty, if the package has already reached the country’s customs center.
  • Wrong product delivery:

    As a matter of course, we are responsible if you have received medicines of the wrong brand or dose in addition to the ones you ordered. Please note that if a product or dose has been delivered to you in error, you have a maximum time of 7 days to get in touch with us and ask for a refund or cancellation. Requests received after the above-mentioned time period will not be honored.If you submit a request after 7 days, no refund will be issued.
  • Tampered product:

    In the event that a part of our product has been tampered with, please contact us within 7 days of discovering the same and request a cancellation.