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5 Popular Ways To Get Rid Of Erectile Dysfunction

5 popular ways to get rid of erectile dysfunction

Get Rid Of Erectile Dysfunction – Is It Possible?

Men commonly suffer from erectile dysfunction. But also it is possible to get rid of erectile dysfunction with or without medication. There are various natural remedies and exercises to get rid of erectile dysfunction.

There is at least one episode in every man’s life when he is not able to get an erection when needed. In extreme cases, they are never able to sustain an erection. It is estimated that almost 30 million men in America are affected by this very disease.

Mostly, ED occurs in men who previously achieved an erection. Usually, this condition can be reversed, but the possibility of fully curing this disease depends on the underlying cause.

Erectile Dysfunction: The Best Way To Cure It

How to fully get rid of erectile dysfunction is the one question every man wants to know the answer to. The good news is that ED is reversible in many cases. The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study where it was said that remission of 29% was found after a period of 5 years.

It is important to keep in mind that when ED is not curable, getting the right treatment can significantly reduce its symptoms.

The two types of ED identified by doctors are:

Primary ED is where a man has never been able to achieve an erection. This case is quite rare.

Secondary ED is where a man who once experienced a normal erection is now facing problems. This case is quite common in men.

How to get rid of ED permanently falls into three categories –

Short-term treatments

Despite their ability to help patients achieve or maintain erections, this type of medication does not address the underlying cause of ED. For example, sildenafil enhances blood flow to the male reproductive organ, providing relief from ED for a short time.

Address the underlying reason

Primary treatments focus on the reason cause of ED and are one of the best way to get rid of erectile dysfunction. Exercising frequently or taking medication can improve cardiovascular health if clogged arteries are responsible. This helps in reducing or eliminating the frequency of ED.

Psychological treatments

Sometimes the cause of erectile dysfunction can be psychological and may lead to anxiety in men. Psychological treatments help to lessen anxiety, enhance self-confidence, and improve copulation with partners.

How To Get Rid Of Erectile Dysfunction Fast?

First, you should consult a doctor for any underlying health issues. Erectile dysfunction can be the first symptom of cardiovascular disease, neurological problems, diabetes, or nerve-related damage.

While the primary reason for ED can be physical, it can also sometimes be psychological. Let us explore a wide range of treatments that will tell you about the best thing to help get rid of erectile dysfunction.

Lifestyle changes

Adjustments in your lifestyle may help cure diseases such as diabetes and clogged arteries that cause ED. Lifestyle changes include:

  1. Doing relaxation exercises to control blood pressure and manage ED-related stress.
  2. If necessary, shedding a few pounds improves testosterone and cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure.
  3. Eating healthy food to get rid of erectile dysfunction. A healthy diet especially benefits people suffering from cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

Pelvic floor exercise

Men urinate or ejaculate with the help of the pelvic floor muscles. Strengthening these muscles helps in significantly improve ED.

Discuss pelvic floor physical therapy with your doctor regarding which exercises are most effective for you.

Taking couple’s therapy or counseling

Although ED is quite common, it can negatively impact the self-esteem of men. It can cause depression or anxiety; thus, it is important to acknowledge and discuss ED.

Psychologists and psychiatrists can assist individuals in managing anxiety and resolving issues, thereby eliminating ED and preventing its recurrence. Sexual partners can benefit from couples’ therapy by discussing their feelings and finding healthy, constructive communication methods.

Alternative remedies

Some men find that complementary therapy, such as acupuncture, helps them reduce the symptoms of ED. Also, there is a natural way to get rid of erectile dysfunction.

A review done in 2018 found that ginseng preparations significantly helped treat ED. Pinus pinaster, maca, and maritime pine extract preparations also showed promising results, but it needs more research.


There is an availability of a wide variety of medications, such as tadalafil (Vidalista 20 mg) and generic Viagra (Fildena 100), which enhance the blood flow in the male organ, thus helping sustain an erection.

These medicines are effective if the cause of ED is physical or you are suffering from anxiety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. What causes a weak erection?

This disease has various reasons, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Also, psychological issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, and other mental health problems can be responsible for weak erections.

2. How can I fix ED naturally fast?

If you are thinking, can you get rid of ED, the answer is yes. Various natural remedies are available such as making changes in diet, exercising, and getting enough sleep. It also includes losing weight, taking psychotherapy, and couples counseling.

3. How long can erectile dysfunction last?

Erectile dysfunction can last from a few months to several years. It all depends on the cause of your disease. To qualify for ED, your erectile issues must last for at least six months, according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSMV).


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